Here’s to a great week

I’ve just come home from work. The forecast for tonight says nineteen degrees and cloudy. And I’m feeling quite cold, out here on my veranda this early evening in Kallithea. It’s also been quite a while, nearly twenty years ago since last time I’ve felt this way, at that time while traveling around India, Brazil and South Africa. The feeling is quite strange.

It’s strange how fast the body gets used to 30-35 degrees and then suddenly it plunges down fifteen degrees during the fall, the same temperature as normal summers back home. The contrasting heat and cooler weather is really something weird for me to experience in a long stay like this one these days and months. But I am getting used to it. I think.

I am now working for a call center in Greece. The job is fine and the coworkers are just a great gang to spend the day with. The only thing is that there are so many things to remember during the customers calls, and I have a problem really to cope with it all and to keep up the pace of logging all the information into the various systems of databases.

I am happy to be there and I am definitely going to keep on doing my best to stay happy with the new situation I am in. The first salary was dismal because of unpaid training time and only paid for the last two weeks of the month so I am hoping for a better one next week and maybe some bonus tickets as I was originally scheduled for after training. I’ll see.

Anyway I’m doing fine and would be happy to hear from you again soon and I wish you a nice equinox week with your family and friends. Here’s to the good things.






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