September is ending soon

New times, new tides and less practical arrangements are all a reason to move on, or to return to the origins. The last three years I have stayed with a nice commune of free spirited friends in a great apartment in west end Oslo. But now it is time for me to move on again, Tommy as always on a trip relentlessly sometimes footlessly. So I will be moving out of the city next month. To a small town called Trøgstad, where my mom lives.

Equinox is tomorrow night and Oktoberfest is therefore in full swing in Munich, and this is a party not to miss. So that is where I am going for the weekend. I am wondering how it will be this time around though after the switch to an Oktoberfestung (October fortress) because of the terrorist activities that have been plaguing Germany since last I was there. I am sure the mood is still great though. Happy people who are enjoying great food and beer as usual.

So I hope you are having a good time, and please let me know in a tweet, or a message post, or just a reply to this e-mail. It would be great to hear from you.

Tommy Hermansen






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