A dark rainy afternoon

Summer sadly seems to be over here in Oslo and now we’ll have to prepare ourselves for four-five months of rain and snow. I count myself lucky for working indoors and for example not in the construction business, poor guys. This fall I sold my apartment and moved into another commune again, I just couldn’t bare the living cost of this very expensive town. Compared to areas just out of town the prices for small apartments in the city center are on level with the prices for houses, which in my case ended up costing around two thousand USD a month since I had to borrow 100% of my mortgage in the bank, I had no funds saved up beforehand. So anyway, now I am sharing a very nice flat on the seventh floor in the posh west side of town with two old friends from way back when.

I am also spending more time with people I rarely got to meet while I was living in the old town; my social life is really picking up again now which feels just fantastic. I can afford a life now, and not just the cost of living! My travel plan for summer 2015 is Portugal again, this time Madeira because there are no direct flights from Oslo to the Azores anymore. It seems really nice too according to the pictures I’ve seen on the web, and I may practice my crappy Portuguese again as well. I wish you a nice upcoming holidays and hoping you’ll spend it with your family and dear friends. Have a great weekend soon too.






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