Confirmation of your KLM booking

Hello again friends! Hope all is well in your corner of the World?

I’m fine, work is good and the travel budget is looking far better now. The plan for the summer is Amsterdam and the Landjuweel Festival again. Me and my good pal Eivind are coming down to make the city unsafe for all unsuspecting square people, and an ongoing party will seamlessly merge with the always hip Amsterdam ambiance. So better cool down those Grolsch beers well ahead of time for us, you guys.

Just over a week until I’m moving back to sweet old Oslo town. Really looking forward to that, finally they managed to clear a room for me there. Was a bit upset with those people last month when all looked kinda bleak, but all is good again now and the date for the move has finally been set. I’ve been living with mom and step dad since 1st of May and have been eating very well. Which is a good thing for a single guy, who don’t know how to cook more intricate things than frozen pizzas.

There’s a picture of the new house on the beach on my Facebook profile. Respect! And hope you’ll have a fantastic summer wherever you are.

Tommy Hermansen






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