Auspicious times

It’s that time of year again to wish you all happy Christmas and so on. This year was a tough one for me personally. All work and no play, as indeed I predicted about a year ago. Well at least I got away for a week in London during Easter, and a few weeks off during the summer. My brother Robin, my pal Eivind and I drove down to Denmark for a Kim Larsen concert, but ended up going to Amsterdam and Bergen an Zee after that. Seriously fun stuff but very expensive for me as the other two didn’t bring any money with them for this extended leg of the trip.

This also led to trouble at home – as I had big problems with paying rent and the three month deposit on the room I’m renting. Was nearly thrown out, but finally managed to pay them the deposit last week, so now I can enjoy the current Christian holidays and just relax with my friends and family. Next year will also be all about working and paying debts I’m afraid, but I plan to escape for some weeks as soon as possible. Will have to be to some European country again – maybe Portugal and the Boom Festival again, but I don’t have any plan so far.

Another big thing coming up in 2008 is a new job and a triumphant return to the graphic arts industry. Will be working as a print operator for a company called Wittusen & Jensen. Much better pay compared to my current job, and an economically very secure position with a company who just turned 110 years last august. I’ll get one more week of vacation too, so this looks really promising. No more crappy deliveries to do either. Merry x-mas eve with a full moon!!

Tommy Hermansen






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