Back again

Hi all! Got back home again last night. London was quite fantastic. The weather was really warm for the season, and the ale was just perfect. Never got around to attending that easter party thing though, was stuck in another fantastic place called SOS and was chatting away with the Brazilian waitress in Portuguese the whole night. This huge place has four restaurants where one doubles as a bar in the evenings. Really nice! Recommended.

Planning to move back to Oslo again in a few weeks time, I think to a commune on Nordstrand again – will know whether the room is available for rent this week, I hope. Out here in the sticks got just too boring, so back to two hours commuting again. It’s worth it; nice job and colleagues – and seeing friends more often. Thus bus and tram. My flat contract is finished on 1st of May, so I need to find something soon. Will work out fine, got a good feeling about this one.

Summer holiday is being spent in Oslo i believe. Wanna come up here?

Tommy Hermansen






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