Mission: Re-Possible

Whe-hey landlubbers!

Oslo has been a great place for me to catch my breath the last couple of months, with some short visits to nearby happenings of course. Have even been able to scrape up some funds as well. Then, the inescapable fact is; summertime in Europe means festival time. Which again translates to: meeting new and old friends, hanging out in a hammock for a few weeks, winging it at sporadic jam sessions, dancing like mad in the moonlight, and trying to dodge attacks by new and improved mutations of bloodsucking insects.

So now it’s definitely on high time to hit that famous road again, wherever it might lead. The plan: First stop is Stockholm this weekend, then Finland for the Nordic Ting Meeting and various gatherings, then perhaps north towards Nordkapp and constant daylight, then back down towards Amsterdam and the fantastic Landjuweel festival at the end of August, then whatever is happening in between then and the To-Gethering (a Solipse freeparty) in Poland on the 6th of September. I expect to see some of you guys this summer!!! E-mail me, OK?

(Warning this message will self-destruct if you hit the delete button.)

Tommy Hermansen






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