Back home for a moment

Back in nice and warm Oslo for a few days just to slap some people around, who owed me money. Got it today- and I will head out again as soon as my friend Alex from Barcelona shows up here. We’re probably going up to North Cape together, or maybe if I can persuade him; go for another shorter and less expensive trip to the west coast of Norway. They’ve got some truly amazing scenery over there. Stavanger and Bergen people better look out!

Finland was great! First I went to the Nordic Ting Meeting in a national park just north of Jyväskyllä. There, about 150 hippies were running around hugging each other and all the trees in the forest. No, not quite so simple though. But we had some nice down to Earthly and Inner World experiences. No drugs allowed, just vegan food and water. Loads of happy moments and jamming by the campfires, and compulsory food preparation (Karma Yoga) and shared meals in “food circles”. Nice seminars on meditation, yoga, tai chi and such also. All in all a very interesting experience, I might go to the next one too!

The weekend after several of us headed down to Billnäs for the Faces Etnofestival. Great acts from all over the world! I also volunteered by working at the VIP entrance, got free entrance and two meals per day in return, but sadly missed out on some of the acts during my shifts. Of course all the Ting people got in for free as well, with me at the gates. Ruigoord festival coming up!!!

Love and Light, Tommy






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