Invitation to experience sweet little Oslo

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sun May 19, 2002 9:16pm
Subject: Invitation to experience sweet little Oslo

Hello again all you friends in this great world! Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is now imminent, and backpacking is yet again becoming a more pleasant possibility. Therefore I would like to invite any of you fantastic people who I’ve met and spent time with along the way, to come and stay in my home during your trip this summer. Our house is located in a tranquil farmland area called Skedsmokorset – this is just outside Oslo, Norway – There’s a golf course here too if you should have any such needs. Other than that there are infrequent bus connections to the city so we can go sightseeing, swimming or (of course) clubbing.

How to get here? RyanAir from Dublin, Glasgow or London Stansted fly you here dirt cheap. (Approx 50 squids.) So does a new one called GoodJet (or something) from Paris. (Approx 70 euros, I heard.) Eurolines, Swebus Express or the ferries are also good ways to get here from the continent.

When to go? June till September, but bring raingear and a warm sweater just in case. Temperatures should be somewhere around 20 centigrades. Tell me some time ahead to make sure I’m not out travelling somewhere myself. In the end of August I’m probably heading back down to Greece for the Samothraki dance festival, and when it starts to get really cold up here; I’d love to flee to Africa or Australia (if I should have gathered a shite load of cash) or back to South America again.


See you soon I hope!!

Love from Tommy






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