Back to reality (again)

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue Mar 5, 2002 11:48pm
Subject: Back to reality (again)

Yes my dear friends, the trip closer to the sun is over yet again, and I will now have to start looking around for another job, to pay the bills that have been waiting so patiently to be attended to. But not only that, also to save up for the next big trip: Australia/New Zeeland, which should be starting from about October 2002. So, keep subscribing to the newsletter! I will of course also be reporting from the festivals here in Europe this summer, if I can get away from work.

I have been reading all your wonderful replies the last few days, and I promise I will write you back soon. I haven’t forgotten you; it’s just that I have to read through a LOT of messages. Remember when my brother thought I had disappeared at the beginning of the Brazil trip? To all who were worrying, praying and chanting for my safety at that time: I thank you all.

Some of you might remember that I had such a grand plan of traveling around in South-America the six months from November the 1st and working over there, but approximately at the moment of landing on the beaches of Bahia – relaxation, energy loss and “dis-animation” kicked in big style, I was completely unable to move from the spot. Can’t just leave paradise, you know. Thus the grand plan got subsequently scrapped. I figure South-America should still be around for a few years, so I’ll attend to it later.

Right now I’m back in Edinburgh, to visit John – my dear pal from Goa. And if I can find a job up here too, I’ll also stay longer. I just love this sweet old town, Dunedin.







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