No luck in the employment field as of yet

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sat Apr 27, 2002 3:06pm
Subject: No luck in the employment field as of yet

Brothers and sisters!

Past: Edinburgh was magic! But unfortunately I had no luck in finding a job there though. I was at least able to spend three weeks among some incredibly amazing people. When I came I was told it was a good time to be there, because of all the good musicians and acts who where going to be playing there just then, and it certainly was! Every concert or party was better than the previous one. Unbelievable!!! We experienced some magical moments indeed. I miss you guys a lot!

Present: I’m actually back home in Norway these days – in a quite tranquil farmland area called Skedsmokorset about half an hours drive north of Oslo. Staying at my Mom’s house, because I’m now of course totally broke again. Got just about zero dinheiro! Have been working on a few short-term projects the last couple of weeks, so at least I have some fresh dough coming to me very soon.

Future: Next weekend there’s an open-air party in the woods outside of Gothenburg (Sweden), the first one of the summer up here; some DJ friends are playing there too. I trust them to put on a great show as they have been known do, so that should be a good one. Then after that I’m heading to Finland to meet up with a nice girl who I travelled with for a few weeks in India last year. Really looking forward to all of this! It will be almost like being back on the road again. 🙂

Infinitive: Love from me!


PS: One of my great traveller heroes was buried here today; Thor Heyerdahl one of the most famous Norwegians who ever lived. (Rest in Peace.)






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