Acabou o Carnaval!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Feb 14, 2002 6:12pm
Subject: Acabou o Carnaval!

Yes, the lunacy is over for this time around. Until 2003…

I spent those days among new friends in Itaoca, ES. Sad thing about the music here though, was that they played the same 20-30 tracks over and over again! Eu fica loco!! (Makes a poor guy go mad!). But at least the scenery (girls) was fine.

I was hoping to find a job on one of the beach shacks here, but they were already covered for the Carnaval. Too bad. But I was able to stay with the family that runs it, which saved me a lot of money – and gave me a boost in learning more Portuguese.

Getting mentally ready to head back to London and freezing Europe in just about two weeks from now. Boohoo – I don’t wanna leave this fine weather.

I’ll write more later…

PS: Oh and that rave a few weeks ago – Was MASSIVE!!

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