Hello from Angra

Angra (the Cove), Terceira. Angra used to be the main port and the capital of the Açores, from around 1450. It’s a hidden inlay behind the defunct volcanic islet (called Monte Brasil) being an obvious anchorage for ships in transit back in the day.

The current name dating from the 19th century is; Angra do Heroísmo (“Cove of Heroism”) due to the heroism, bravery and sacrifice displayed here by the people of Angra in the struggle that ended with the formation of a liberal constitutional monarchy. A very important spot for Portugal, in other words.

Nowadays it is mostly a romantic port for sailing crews and local families spending a nice summer’s day out. Of course living here would be nice too though 🙂

There are pictures from here also if you’d like to see the place. See the same link as earlier.

Tommy Hermansen






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