Auspicious times again

Hello from freezing cold Skedsmokorset, Norway. Hope you all are having a good time as always. This upcoming year will be another year with almost no traveling for me. Still struggling penny wise and none of the announced festivals are tempting to go to either, maybe the Biosphere festival in Portugal could be something, no lineup or whereabouts are posted as of yet, but I just love that country anyway.

I am very disappointed in the way the psychedelic trance music has evolved since a couple of years back, so I might skip the festival altogether and just do a quiet holiday down there. Need to brush up on my Portuguese as well, I’m thinking of heading back to Brazil again in January 2008, you see. I’m afraid this winter will be all work and no long haul play. But fingers crossed for the next season!

Today is new moon (right about now actually) and tomorrow is solstice, a great beginning for both the moon and our planet. Can’t you kind of feel it too?

So happy Hanukkah or Christ-mass or whatever, and I hope the Gregorian year of 2007 will be a good one for you. I’m going on a three day bender this weekend to celebrate it all with friends and family. Drinking Yule and do Freyja’s play (if the opportunity comes along), as my ancestors did way back when – during the winter solstice.

Have fun!!

Tommy Hermansen






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