Moving out of town

Hello dear friends. Just writing you a little message to let you know that I’m moving out of town next Friday (September 15th). Have found a fantastic flat right next to where I work. Fiftyfive meters square with a marvellous view of the valley below. So no more 90 minutes comute every day, just a short walk through the forest, and some privacy for a change.

Have been living in various shared houses the last six years or so, and feel it’s time to move on after staying almost three years in my current one. This will be quite expensive though, and summer in Portugal already screwed up my bankaccount and my poor disastercard, so the next couple of months will be a bit tough pennywise. But it should all be stabilised again by the end of the year, I hope.

Probably not able to get away for the x-mass holidays this year either. Well that’s all.

Tommy Hermansen

PS: The next Full Moon (September 7th) is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse.






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