On Limnos, and going to Chios

Hello dear group!

I’ve just been through one of my best festival experiences ever! I thought Samothraki was magic this time round! More than a week of hammock work and dancing with friendly fraggles from all over the planet. Even the weather supported our party! Thanks goes out to all the nice people in our Norwegian/Welsh/South African camp too! I wish to see you again as soon as possible.

Came to Limnos two nights ago, and I have just been hanging around relaxing (and catching up with reality) in the port city of Myrina. A quiet little town, at least now when the tourist season is over. Nice narrow streets and alleyways, and the local people seem more happy here than on Samothraki. Guess the Thracians were quite fed up by us hippies disturbing their peace.

Chios is the destination for tomorrow morning, I have an 11 hour ferry ride to go through tonight. Blargh! But at least I won’t need accomodation tonight. Then the plan is to go to Samos, to meet up with a good friend from last years trip!

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect!
Tommy Hermansen






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