Another Greek Trip

Hey guys!

Hope summer has been good so far! Mine was OK, even though I was working. I’m preparing my summer holiday these days, I’m flying down to Athens, Greece next Sunday. I used up some old bonus points which I gathered a few years back while I was working as a traveling VIP software engineer, so these tickets were super-cheap! Just paying for the airport taxes.

Good thing because I’d rather spend good cash on really important Greek holiday necessities such as Retsina and Ouzo! The plan is to go straight from Athens to a psychedelic trance festival on the island of Samothraki in the Northern Agean Sea (near the turkish border), and I hope to reach the site before the masses are coming the beginning of next week. Heard a rumor of about 10000 people coming to this one, just hope that’s wrong info.

I’ll write again from somewhere in Greece sometime after the festival, or maybe from Istanbul? I can be reached on both my work and travel e-mail addresses, if you’d like to write me. I’m really looking forward to this late summer holiday now!

Tommy Hermansen

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