THIS is the final TommyOnTrip newsletter

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Jul 16, 2001 6:16pm
Subject: THIS is the final TommyOnTrip newsletter

Hello friends, I’m now stopping to do these TommyOnTrip newsletters. Since coming back to Europe this is no longer an Asia trip, so it makes no sense to publish them anymore. But I will take it up as soon as I get back on the dirt roads again, did someone mention Brazil or Chile?

I just want to send you this quick email to tell you what I’m up to the next few weeks, so maybe if our paths should be crossing we could meet up somewhere. Right now I’m back in Amsterdam again, after spending a few days in Antwerpen and at a festival outside Brussels. This week I have a job interview at Network Associates, an Internet company with an office here in Amsterdam. Might not get it though, or even go for it.

This meeting is originally sceduled for next friday, but I hope I’ll be able to visit them earlier, so I can go to Berlin for the Loveparade. Just to see what the fuzz is all about. And there’s also a couple of other festivals and stuff going on in lovely central Europe as well. Capoeira, Trude?

Then the weekend after that there’s a big music festival in Reading, England: the Womad Fesival, which I really want to go to as well. And maybe catch up with some of you Londoners I met Goa.

Note to all Psy-Trance friends: Shpongle is playing there too!!! On the 29th. The ticket is 35 pound for that Sunday. Geez! – but our guys Simon and Raja are worth it, right?

Then after that back to Paris to catch up with more traveller friends from India. And whichever interesting music stuff is going on in the area. As you might have figured by now, this summer trip is a festival thing.

Then finally, as planned way back, and posted on this mailing list to boredom: Greece in the end of August, and the Sola Luna festival at Samothraki Island.

Somewhere on this itinerary I’ll surely run out of money, so maybe I won’t be able to travel in style the last bit (or at all) – but that will be really interesting too.

See you around on the planet,







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