My Asiatrip is over

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Wed Jul 4, 2001 3:00pm
Subject: My Asiatrip is over

Hello to friends from all over the planet!

My travelling in Asia is over (for this time) The budget is getting low, and summertime in Europe is just too fantastic to miss. Therefore I’ve now ventured back to Amsterdam – where this trip started exactly six months ago. (January 5th.) Came back this morning. By the way: Happy Independence Day to my American buddies!

My plan for the summer is: Stay in A’dam for about a month (at least for a few weeks), and apply for a work permit. Since Norway (my home country) is part of the EES; this is just paperwork. Then I’ll travel through Germany, Poland, Hungary and down to Greece – where this summer’s biggest Psycedelic Trance happening is happening at the end of August. On (apparently) wonderful Samothraki Island. Maybe you’re coming down there too??? Then at the end of September; back to A’dam to find a job, to save up for the next trip. South America!!!

Please write me if you’re ever going to Asia, maybe I can give you a few tips? Even though I never got to see it all. Does anyone out there want to hear about the upcoming Eastern European trip as well?






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