So you’re here to save the world, are you?

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sun Apr 1, 2001 10:53am
Subject: So you’re here to save the world, are you?

This trip has lately been turning out being a much deeper journey into my mind than first anticipated. I’m meeting different kinds of people from all over the world, and we’re all at similar stages of our lives. Some have been continuously doing this since the late sixties, and some newcomers like myself have only been at it for a few months. After sunset at these paradise-like places we’re gathering around a table or a bonfire after long days doing nothing much in particular, to discuss a wide range of topics; everything from political disasters in the Middle East to obscure derivations of philosophies and religions. People aren’t polluted or disturbed by everyday influences like TVs and careers, and are getting deeply philosophical most times. And also getting very drunk or stoned sometimes!

The basement of the Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam around happy hour, the North Cliffs of Varkala and Ciaran’s Bar in Palolem after sunset, have all been very good venues for me to develop and fine-tune my own ideologies and views on various aspects of my life. I’m nowhere near a conclusion yet of course – probably not until another 20-30 years, but being out in such environments really boosts my mind. I’m not going to impose my recent discoveries onto you in this newsletter, but if you’d like to take anything up for a discussion; I’m usually online on the MSN Messenger Service every day.

The tourist season is pretty much over here in Goa now; everywhere it’s getting real quiet. Temporary beach restaurants and huts are being dismantled and stowed away before the rainy season kicks in soon, some people are working franticly to finish their construction of new rooms for next November, and foreign workers are renegotiating contracts for the 2001-2002 season. Good luck to everyone!

Next week it’s about that time for me to move on again. I’m thinking of visiting North Goa and to spend some more time in Anjuna and Arambol. I suspect there’s more to that area than just the fantastic raveparties and beaches, the Portuguese might have left their mark on that territory too. I’ll investigate the matter, and get back with an in-depth report in a future version of the magnificent TommyOnTrip Newsletter! Just make sure keeping on subscribing!







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