A paradise called Patnem Beach

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue Mar 20, 2001 1:34pm
Subject: A paradise called Patnem Beach

I’ve been on this beach for more than three weeks now. Met with some really good friends and basically been relaxing at a beach resort aptly named “Home”. Owners Richard and Sandy give you a break from Indian life, and pamper you with tasty European food and mellow chill-out music; by artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeiser, Moby and the great compilations released on the Hedkandi label.

Even though I’m based in Patnem I’ve made a few shorter trips around the area. To Anjuna, Agonda Beach, and Margao. I just leave my backpack with my host family during these trips; I don’t like to lug it around everywhere. It’s just too heavy and attracts too much attention from the damn hawkers. I went to Anjuna with my friends John from Scotland and Graham from New Zealand. We went to the famous hippie flea market where you can buy just about anything from bags and hammocks to drums and other utter useless knickknacks. Even used Enfield motorcycles! I found a perfect bag for my camera, 50 rs.

Afterwards we went to the Shore Bar for the aftermarket beach party. Psychedelic trance pounding away on our poor eardrums, with a magnificent clear horizon sunset as a backdrop. Wild! Then we went to the Primrose Bar and kept on clubbing till the wee morning hours. (Look John – Scottish!) Sorted mates!!!

Hampi is next on the short trip itinerary, then Delhi and trekking in Nepal on the big trip one. But I’ll most likely stay around here on this desert beach another month or so before heading north.







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