Three weeks to go!!!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Wed Dec 13, 2000 4:39pm
Subject: Three weeks to go!!!

Hello partypeople! Just writing this short message to let you know that the ticket has been booked, the shots have been taken, and I’m getting my visa tomorrow. Things are really starting to take shape now! The internet booking of the flight to Mumbai, somehow didn’t make it through to, so I had to book it by phone instead. And since the prices changes every day, the ticket I now got was 150 NLG more expensive than the one I first tried to book. Now I’m flying with Kuwait Air through Kuwait instead. Also today: I updated my website again, and uploaded a bunch of Quicktime slideshows to the TommyOnTrip page. So if you’d like to see pictures from my earlier travels this year (Chamonix, Amsterdam, Portugal), please check it out! Some of the .mov files are quite big, so using a broadband internet is wisest, but dialup works too if you have the time to wait for the extra long downloads. The portfolio section is also uploaded again, if you’d like to see some of my work.


Next destination: Amsterdam!!! 5th January 2001






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