Booked the tickets!!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Wed Dec 6, 2000 7:53pm
Subject: Booked the tickets!!

Yesterday and today I spent the whole afternoon around town looking for my ticket to the east, but the prices here in Oslo are so incredibly steep. Luckily today I found a website in the Netherlands which had some really good bargains flying out of Schiphol, so I went for a Royal Jordanian flight to Mumbai through Amman on the 10th of January, costing only 1000 NLG including taxes. So then India will be the first country I’m going to outside of Europe and the US! I also spent my bonus points for a free ticket to A’dam on the 5th, that leaves me only 30 days to get all my shots and visas done for India and China… and inbetween all that, buying x-mas gifts, getting stuffed on x-mas eve, and celebrating the new year… phew!!! But India is going to be GREAT!







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