Summer 2014

Summer is finally here again with longer days and wonderful radiation heat from the Sun. The last year since my last posting I ended up with hanging with my old friends again of course, but I try to not overdo the alcohol intake on weekdays. I have failed miserably a couple of times, and that made me having some bad days because of it. But my current position at the print shop is not as demanding as the operator work I did before, so having bad days are not a huge problem for me to be able to do my work, if I can only get there in the morning. Which I normally do, and I aim to avoid having bad days at work. Now I concentrate on our business card post-production, or the finishing, as it is called in the graphic arts field. Pretty straightforward stuff.

The plan for this year’s getaway is staying in Berlin for two weeks, and a visit to the fantastic IFA Berlin electronics fair in September. It will be my fourth time going there. The remaining three weeks of my vacation I will be at home in Oslo, or in Fredrikstad with my family. I ended up buying my very own downtown apartment nearly two years ago, so now most of my income goes to the amazingly fancy bank just down the road a piece, but I am still able to do this one trip this year. I just got to. I am hoping to get back to backpacking around the World again sometime, but that might take quite awhile.

Have a great week!
Tommy Hermansen






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