Boom soon! :-)

Hello from Porto Calem! (the calm port). My fifth day in the country and I’ve spent them all in Lisboa and Porto. Heading for the hills soon I guess. Wanna see the Douro valley and maybe try some more of local sweet fruit juices from this area. Bit too sweet for my taste really, I’m a beer guy as most of you already know. Port wine is like candy, best with ice cream.

Been walking around a lot, and met some really nice local people. Have been practising on my Portuguese, so I haven’t talked much to fellow tourists. Will be enough time for that in a week from now when the summer’s biggest psychedelic trance gathering takes place here in the Serra da Estrelas, near Castelo Branco.

Tommy Hermansen

Going to church doesn’t make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car. (Laurence J. Peter)






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