Even more del Sol!

Hello friends!

I’m still at the Costa del Sol actually. Just couldn’t move away from this lovely summer-like feeling. It’s quite warm during the days here now, I guess around 20 centigrade. But the water is impossible even for a Viking to stand for much more than a couple of seconds, and roaming around evenings it’s best to wear a warm jacket or sweater. Just this morning I arrived at this really nice place by the sea called Nerja, it’s on the Costa only about an hour east of Malaga by bus.

Not so developed here yet as the previous villages on the western part of the Costa which now are mostly concrete high-rise settlements, but is probably getting there though. The things to see here are the Balcón de Europa, the “Balcony of Europe”, and the caves about three kilometers away from central Nerja.

The Balcony is a promenade and plaza along the edge of a towering cliff, which in the old days was the site of a great Moorish castle. I’ll check out the cave tomorrow I think, but I had a nice beer on the balcony watching the sun go down, just before venturing into writing all of this at my local internet shop.

I’m staying in a beautiful little private apartment just across the beach from the Balcony. Was lucky and met an extremely friendly hippie woman at the bus stop who was looking for guests. Her name is Ina and she traveled both India and Brazil back in the seventies. Wow, she must be of my kinsfolk indeed! She’s now living on a boat down here and renting out a couple of apartments to us travelers year round.

Loads of Britons and Germans around here, and the Germans even have their own local newspaper! Crazy stuff. I’ll hang here until Monday morning, and then fly to Barcelona and Amsterdam and then finally Oslo sometime in the evening. It will be a long day. But now it’s my last week-end in the sun this time round, and time to DRINK!!


Tommy Hermansen

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