Merry X-mas and a Hippie New 2004

Hello friends, hope everything is all right, and that you have a nice time with your loved ones! This year I’m spending the Christmas holidays at home with my family for once. The last two I spent in Brazil and South Africa so it’s been a while in fact. New trips are vaguely visible on the horizon, but things are going good here pennywise these days, so it’s definitely looking clearer. My main psychedelic festival target for 2004 (so far) is the Boom in Portugal on August 26-29, so if you too are planning to go too this is where we’ll meet again!

Boom 2000 was the first psy festival I ever went to, where I met my kinfolk (yes, it really felt like a tribal gathering), which subsequently led to the decition to get rid of my stuff and just quit work and up and leave and spend my savings on exploring this world. Which I actually managed to do most of my time during the following two years. Thinking back on that time and all the nice places and people I stumbled over, I must say I feel truly honored and incredibly privileged to have the freedom and also comparably the wealth to do so.

Love from Tommy! See you on the road…






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