Spring is in the air!

Hello, dear friends from all over the planet! How are you doing? Trust you are fine! Working/Traveling? Hey, also let me know your plans for this summer (the summer of the northern hemisphere I mean).

Looks like I’ll have to stay here in Oslo this summer, working and paying off old travel expenses on an impressively emptied Mastercard account. Well I hope at least I will be able to spend a few weeks in Greece around the Samothraki Dance Festival in August/September. I’ve already bought the festival ticket! It will be my second visit to that sweet island.

Speaking of festivals; I’m actually going to a mini full-moon (lunar eclipse) one in Edinburgh on this next upcoming Friday! Anyone in the area who might be able show up there too??? Just send me an e-mail if you need the instructions on how to get there. It’s called Hecate. I’ve already been in touch with some of you list-members privately, and you better show up! Let’s party again.

Anyway, If you’re thinking of traveling around in Europe this summer – come and visit! We’re doing loads of past-time activities on the beaches and in the parks the whole summer. (B-b-q’s, chill-outs and full-on parties!) Oslo in good weather is really nice too, even just to wind down and to be on a quiet vacation! Welcome!

Tommy Hermansen

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