Greek trip coming to its end

The last few weeks I’ve been doing quite a bit of island hopping. After visiting Patmos for a few days, doing near to nothing at all, and staying at the local campsite in my Brazilian hammock. I ventured on with a Norwegian guy called Jan up to Ikaria, where we got seriously drunk on Ouzo – and then moved on the next day over to Naxos on the high-speed boat. Naxos was really nice, but we ended up spending a lot of money in the bars and then just recovering on the fantastic beaches in the days. We stayed at Burgos guesthouse in the old town, near to the Venetian Castro.

The old town of Naxos was designed to confuse possible attackers to the Castro, and is a veritable maze so that the inhabitants can run up and hide behind the inner town walls. Imagine being seriously drunk and trying to find your way back to your room in there, well I actually made it quite well back most nights, but my roommate Jan told me he’d spent about an hour walking around in there early one morning, and really needing to go to the toilet. Well he ended up having to dig a hole on the beach. Fock, time’s up here now.

Coming back to Norway this Saturday.

Tommy Hermansen






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