From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue Nov 6, 2001 3:00pm
Subject: Brazil!

Yes finally, after 35 hours travelling on three different flights, and another 35 hours on a bus I have finally hit some nice weather. But I had to have a breather between the two jumps though, so I spent the weekend in Sao Paulo, but I wasn’t planning on freezing on this trip (it was cold and rainy down there) – so I got on a two nights bus up to Bahia… To the city of Salvador!!!

Just got into town (they only have two million inhabitants here) a half an hour ago, and thought I’d let you people know I’m doing just fine!

I’ll write more when something interesting happens – hopefully nothing will the next month or so… This is now officially VACATION time! Lounging in a hammock sounds nice right about now, and reading up on some basic Portuguese.

Have fun wherever you might be!

Love from Tommy






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