Gearing up for Brazil!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Wed Oct 3, 2001 4:16pm
Subject: Gearing up for Brazil!

Hi guys! First of all I must apologize for the Topica mail earlier today, I’ve moved the list back to Yahoo again because of Topica’s recent change in their policy in adding new subscribers. They don’t allow direct subscriptions anymore, new users have to accept an invitation, but that just doesn’t work – people are never replying to the invitations. So don’t worry, you’re still going to receive TommyOnTrip newsletters until you decide to unsubscribe yourself. Right now, 263 people are getting these in their inbox every two-three weeks! Not bad when considering that most of you guys I’ve met while on the road, or known for a long time.

These last three months in Amsterdam have been just fantastic, the friendly people at Amsterdam Backdoor made sure of that. Thanks a million to Amsterdam aborigines; Sjoerd, Jasmijn, Mandy, Bas and all the rest at the Backdoor office! Check their web site out if you’re ever coming to town, it is updated regularly and shows you the different way of doing Amsterdam. Really good articles in there!

So, Brazil: Yes I’m finally getting back into the act again, on the 1st of November. This time will be different though, extremely low budget. I will definitely have to look for some kind of work over there, maybe WWOOFing which is a popular thing among travellers, volunteering at organic farms. New and unknown territory for a city slicker like me. I bought a six month return ticket London – Sao Paulo for 477 pound including tax, not too bad I think.

Later this week I’m going back home to Oslo! And will stay there until the end of the month. I’m really looking forward to this, haven’t seen my family and friends in nine months now.

That’s it for this time!

Take care, and please write me an email once in a while! I love to hear from you out there.






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