From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Jun 14, 2001 8:33pm
Subject: Bangkok

Hey gang,

Tonight I arrived in Bangkok. I had a very pleasant flight from Calcutta with Druk Air (Bhutan). A highly recomended operator if you’re ever flying in the India/Nepal/Bhutan/Thailand area, very good service onboard and cheap too. I paid only around 120 dollars one-way – that’s with every tax included. Don’t know too much about Bangkok yet, so I’ll tell you more later.

India was great! Nepal was even better!! I hoped to stay a lot longer in Nepal; but my budget is getting low these days, and the trekking weather around Mt. Everest was not the best. Uncertainties around Maoist revolutionists in the mountains also made me go back to India.

I know I’m going back to both India and Nepal some day! It’s dirty as hell, and it helps a lot being stone deaf, but the people are soo nice/good/rude/awful/terrible (underline whatever).






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