Nepal frozen up

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon May 28, 2001 12:33pm
Subject: Nepal frozen up

Hey gang, just a short message this time because of the insanely expensive internet rates here in Phokara.

The whole country is frozen up in a three day general strike against corruption in the Nepali government. On street corners around here there are military guards to make sure everything stays calm and quiet. Most shops are closed, and the ones who are open keep their doors and windows shut to appear as they are closed.

Me and my travel companion Trude are going our seperate ways as soon as the buses start running again after the strike. I want to spend more time in Nepal before going into Tibet. I’ll most likely stay the whole two month visa, and do some trekking here in the Annapurna area and later east of Kathmandu in the Mt Everest area.

Have fun in the sun (if it’s summer where you are), the monsoon season is starting here in Nepal now, I’m glad I brought my raincoat from Norway. Bye for now… not much email possibilities up in the mountains, so it will probably be some time until the next newsletter from me.






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