I’m still alive

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Jan 29, 2001 7:52pm
Subject: I’m still alive

Hello my friends, I have recieved a couple of emails lately from people worrying about me being caught in that horrible earthquake. You don`t need to worry, I`m about 70 hours (by slow train) away from the disaster area.

Life here in Varkala is soo laidback that there’s not much to write home about for the moment. Other than taking a daytrip to see the Elephant festival in Kottayam a few days ago, I’ve just been lounging at the beach, working on my tan. The festival was a colorful neonlit event with approx. 50 elephants walking down the main road towards the local temple. Afterwards the inhabitants got seriously drunk and were dancing and partying until the early hours of next day. I’ll write more when something interesting happens.







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