Merry X-mas!!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Dec 19, 2002 0:04pm
Subject: Merry X-mas!!

Hello ev-ryone!! From sunny Cape Town I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wicked 2003!

And I hope you’ve been good this year… 😀

The mystery of the thirteen ultimate festivals!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Dec 9, 2002 7:27am
Subject: The mystery of the thirteen ultimate festivals!

Location: South Africa’s Northern Province. Near to the Kruger National Park, and along the line of total eclipse of the Sun.

Wednesday morning it was completely overcast and it was a bit depressing not to be able to actually see the heavenly glory. But as it turned out this was just magic. DJ Tristan was doing a legendary set the hour or so before, and was supposed to stop for the eclipse – but the organizers decided to keep the party going… and that was good! As the light grew weaker the dancefloor started to cook, and when the fluro artwork (which was hanging in the trees) started to come back into action at the time of totallity, we all just went mad in trance dance! Tristan even managed to end the track he was playing exactly as the sunlight came back, and just kept on pouring the hits.

The next three days were wonderful as well!


PS: Off to the Garden Route today.

In Jo’burg

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sun Dec 1, 2002 10:01pm
Subject: In Jo’burg

Hello friends! This short msg just to inform you I have landed safely among friends. Staying at the Backpacker Ritz until 9.00 tomorrow morning when the bus is leaving for the site. Will be massive for sure. I’m travelling light so I hope I have brought all the essentials with me.

After the Eclipseparty I’ll most likely head down south to Cape Town, then spend some weeks along the Garden Route before catching a flight back to Barcelona on the 27th… then home on the 30th.

More info later…

Pondering, pondering

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue Nov 26, 2002 12:10pm
Subject: Pondering, pondering

Hello all! Just another short one: Barcelona is just fantastic. Staying with good friends and having a fab time at the local bars. Went on a tourist bus last week to see more of it (was a bit steep at 14 euros though), and fell in love with this sweet old city completly. Got the same feeling as when visiting Amsterdam and Edinburgh, relaxed people and the posibility to just wind down. Went to Madrid over the weekend to meet up with Alecz from the Greek trip this summer, she’s working down there on a film project. I hope to see the result of that on the cinemas in 2004!

Another issue, I am debating with myself whether to head down to South Africa for the eclipse or go home to work… It’s very tempting to go! And my cool bosses at Dinamo have even given me the go-ahead.



Escaping winter for a short while

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 5:11pm
Subject: Escaping winter for a short while

Hello friends! Life in Oslo is good! I’ll soon have a new job in the graphics arts business (IT support work), and we hopefully have some nice parties coming up. Winter has come down on us with a vengeance up here, but there are at least very good posibilities for skiing and similar fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

On Monday I’ll go visit friends in Spain, and I hear it’s about 15-20 degrees down there so that will really be a welcome break from this snow and ice. Going to Barcelona and perhaps Madrid as well. So as always I’d love to hear tips from you nice people out there on stuff I should see and do.

Have a fab weekend!!

Greek trip coming to its end

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Sep 19, 2002 11:48am
Subject: Greek trip coming to its end

The last few weeks I’ve been doing quite a bit of island hopping. After visiting Patmos for a few days, doing near to nothing at all, and staying at the local campsite in my Brazilian hammock. I ventured on with a Norwegian guy called Jan up to Ikaria, where we got seriously drunk on Ouzo – and then moved on the next day over to Naxos on the high-speed boat. Naxos was really nice, but we ended up spending a lot of money in the bars and then just recovering on the fantastic beaches in the days. We stayed at Burgos guesthouse in the old town, near to the Venetian Castro. The old town of Naxos was designed to confuse possible attackers to the Castro, and is a veritable maze so that the inhabitants can run up and hide behind the inner town walls. Imagine being seriously drunk and trying to find your way back to your room in there, well I actually made it quite well back most nights, but my roommate Jan told me he’d spent about an hour walking around in there early one morning, and really needing to go to the toilet. Well he ended up having to dig a hole on the beach. Fock, time’s up here now.

Coming back to Norway this Saturday.