On Limnos, and going to Chios

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sat Sep 6, 2003 5:10pm
Subject: On Limnos, and going to Chios

Hello dear group!

I’ve just been through one of my best festival experiences ever! I thought Samothraki was magic this time round! More than a week of hammock work and dancing with friendly fraggles from all over the planet. Even the weather supported our party! Thanks goes out to all the nice people in our Norwegian/Welsh/South African camp too! I wish to see you again as soon as possible.

Came to Limnos two nights ago, and I have just been hanging around relaxing (and catching up with reality) in the port city of Myrina. A quiet little town, at least now when the tourist season is over. Nice narrow streets and alleyways, and the local people seem more happy here than on Samothraki. Guess the Thracians were quite fed up by us hippies disturbing their peace.

Chios is the destination for tomorrow morning, I have an 11 hour ferry ride to go through tonight. Blargh! But at least I won’t need accomodation tonight. Then the plan is to go to Samos, to meet up with a good friend from last years trip!

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect!
πŸ™‚ Tommy

Another Greek Trip

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Aug 18, 2003 1:21pm
Subject: Another Greek Trip

Hey guys!

Hope summer has been good so far! Mine was OK, even though I was working. I’m preparing my summer holiday these days, I’m flying down to Athens, Greece next Sunday. I used up some old bonus points which I gathered a few years back while I was working as a traveling VIP software engineer, so these tickets were super-cheap! Just paying for the airport taxes. πŸ™‚

Good thing because I’d rather spend good cash on really important Greek holiday necessities such as Retsina and Ouzo! The plan is to go straight from Athens to a psychedelic trance festival on the island of Samothraki in the Northern Agean Sea (near the turkish border), and I hope to reach the site before the masses are coming the beginning of next week. Heard a rumor of about 10000 people coming to this one, just hope that’s wrong info.

I’ll write again from somewhere in Greece sometime after the festival, or maybe from Istanbul? I can be reached on both my work and travel e-mail addresses, if you’d like to write me. I’m really looking forward to this late summer holiday now!


Mosquito hell!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:54pm
Subject: Mosquito hell!

Hello world! Just got back after a week-end of camping in the deep forests outside Arvika, Sweden. It was mosquito hell!

Well they were maybe not as terrible as what they would be like in actual Hell, but camping outside in Scandinavia during the summer, those flying pests can get damn annoying! We were a group of trance-loving friends who drove over there for a two-nights outdoor mini festival called MossMys2. The artist line-up was quite good and the weather stayed pretty dry too, rain was no big problem really because I’d brought my big “Praxis” tarp – which I’d had to get for improving the living conditions at the Ruigoord Landjuweel festival in Amsterdam last summer.

But sleeping outside in a hammock was just impossible, the insects would probably suck you dry of blood within a few short hours. Mosquito hats, nets and tents were the only defense against them, except maybe for rubbing motor-oil all over your body (which allegedly would do the trick nicely, but just think about that for a while – not good). Some of us got some really big bites to brag about.

Only bad thing was the music (at times, when it turned into some Techno/Rave crap) and not enough food and drinking water to last the whole festival, other than that – fantastic! Good friends from Oslo and lovely friendly Swedes, except one crazy fokker with an ax (while being out of his head) – he got a little bit scary there for a moment; chopping down a tree and threatening to go for blood next. Nothing happened in the end.

Things are still great here at home though, I’m in love with a beautiful girl called Ingrid, the job is coming along just fine (been here for six months now) – and the escape plan for the summer has been formulated. Samothraki Dance Festival in the end of August and two weeks into September if I can get some time off, which I am still trying to push through with the friendly bosses. My current hunch is “yes”.


Important Travel Warning!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Jun 5, 2003 3:48pm
Subject: Important Travel Warning!

Posted from mass e-mail:

The World Health Organisation today issued a new warning against non-essential travel to the entire Western hemisphere following renewed concerns about the spread of Severe Loss of Perspective Syndrome (SLOPS). Officials are warning travellers not to visit the UK, the US, almost all of Western Europe, and Canada, following further outbreaks of the disease, which has led to mass panic among the media, thousands of ecstatic children being kept out of school by their credulous and moronic parents, and increased profits for DIY stores as the idiot public rush to bulk-buy face masks and boiler suits. A WHO spokesman said, “You’d be much better off going to somewhere like Thailand or China, because all you’ve got to worry about there is SARS, and let’s face it, you’re about as likely to die from that as you are to get kicked to death by a gang of zombie nuns. “The SARS virus has now claimed a staggering 500 lives in only six months, which makes it considerably more deadly than, say, malaria, which only kills around 3000 people every single day. Malaria, however, mainly effects only darkies what speak foreign, whereas SARS has made at least one English person feel a bit iffy for a couple of days, and is therefore considered much more serious. The spread of SLOPS has now reached pandemic proportions, with many high-level politicians seemingly affected by the disease. The rapid spread of SLOPS has been linked to the end of the war in Iraq and the need for Western leaders to give the public something to worry about. Otherwise, they might start asking uncomfortable questions about domestic issues, and that simply would not do.

Author unknown

Spring is in the air!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue May 13, 2003 2:46pm
Subject: Spring is in the air!

Hello, dear friends from all over the planet! How are you doing? Trust you are fine! Working/Traveling? Hey, also let me know your plans for this summer (the summer of the northern hemisphere I mean).


Looks like I’ll have to stay here in Oslo this summer, working and paying off old travel expenses on an impressively emptied Mastercard account. Well I hope at least I will be able to spend a few weeks in Greece around the Samothraki Dance Festival in August/September. I’ve already bought the festival ticket! It will be my second visit to that sweet island.

Speaking of festivals; I’m actually going to a mini full-moon (lunar eclipse) one in Edinburgh on this next upcoming Friday! Anyone in the area who might be able show up there too??? Just send me an e-mail if you need the instructions on how to get there. It’s called Hecate. I’ve already been in touch with some of you list-members privately, and you better show up! Let’s party again.

Anyway, If you’re thinking of traveling around in Europe this summer – come and visit! We’re doing loads of past-time activities on the beaches and in the parks the whole summer. (B-b-q’s, chill-outs and full-on parties!) Oslo in good weather is really nice too, even just to wind down and to be on a quiet vacation!


A fantastic week in the Alps!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Mar 24, 2003 10:52am
Subject: A fantastic week in the Alps!

Hello gang! I spent last week with good friends in Avoriaz in the Alps on the French/Swiss border. I’d never heard of the place before, but it turned out to be great. Went with my dear old pal Darek, who brought his digital camera with him. He’s going to upload some pictures on his web page (www.darekonline.com). They will be added under a French flag on the “Travel” page within a few days (at least he’ll probably hurry up now since I’m sending this mail out to over 300 travelhappy people.) More pictures from my own trips are slowly being scanned from the original negatives and will be uploaded on the TommyOnTrip main page or somewhere more appropriate as soon as possible. Avoriaz is part of the Portes du Soleil lift system, one of the biggest in the world… And the weather was incredible too! Nothing broken or bruised even. Just a few sore muscles, that’s all.

Love, Tommy

Back at work!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Jan 9, 2003 1:35pm
Subject: Back at work!

Hello friends! South Africa turned out to be another one of those countries you just have to fall in love with, and I certainly did! Cape Town in particular stole my heart big time, it’s another place I have to return to at some point. That sweet city is residing well up there on the upper part of my current list of favorite places.

I was staying at the Long Street Backpackers in the center of town (obviously in Long St.), they have cheap dorms at just 65 SAR a day, and easy going staff and fellow travelers. They’ve also got a quaint little bar were you can get perfectly shit-faced for almost no money at all, a pool-room and a TV den. It was nice and clean even! So basically, that’s the place to be.

I am now back home in Oslo again, freezing but generally happy. We have a beautiful winter up here these days, and it’s actually nice to see some snow again. I got a very nice new job too, started last week as a software technician at a successful media company, so the traveling is over for a while… at least until next summer. πŸ™‚

Drop me a line if you’re planning on visiting Norway (we have a free guest room in our house) or would like tips on places to see along the route I travelled the last two years. I’ll publish the travelogue and some pictures sometime soon.


Merry X-mas!!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Dec 19, 2002 0:04pm
Subject: Merry X-mas!!

Hello ev-ryone!! From sunny Cape Town I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wicked 2003!

And I hope you’ve been good this year… πŸ˜€

The mystery of the thirteen ultimate festivals!

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Mon Dec 9, 2002 7:27am
Subject: The mystery of the thirteen ultimate festivals!

Location: South Africa’s Northern Province. Near to the Kruger National Park, and along the line of total eclipse of the Sun.

Wednesday morning it was completely overcast and it was a bit depressing not to be able to actually see the heavenly glory. But as it turned out this was just magic. DJ Tristan was doing a legendary set the hour or so before, and was supposed to stop for the eclipse – but the organizers decided to keep the party going… and that was good! As the light grew weaker the dancefloor started to cook, and when the fluro artwork (which was hanging in the trees) started to come back into action at the time of totallity, we all just went mad in trance dance! Tristan even managed to end the track he was playing exactly as the sunlight came back, and just kept on pouring the hits.

The next three days were wonderful as well!


PS: Off to the Garden Route today.

In Jo’burg

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Sun Dec 1, 2002 10:01pm
Subject: In Jo’burg

Hello friends! This short msg just to inform you I have landed safely among friends. Staying at the Backpacker Ritz until 9.00 tomorrow morning when the bus is leaving for the site. Will be massive for sure. I’m travelling light so I hope I have brought all the essentials with me.

After the Eclipseparty I’ll most likely head down south to Cape Town, then spend some weeks along the Garden Route before catching a flight back to Barcelona on the 27th… then home on the 30th.

More info later…