Hey again…
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Amsterdam and London

Long time since the last email now. The reason for this being that I’ve been at home working the whole year. Still won’t be able to get away on any long trips anytime soon, but will do a couple of weekend trips coming up in September and October.

I’ll be in Amsterdam Sept 19th until 21st, and in London during the Halloween weekend (Oct 30th until Nov 2nd). Hope to see some of you Londoners and Amsterdammers again then. E-mail me if you’d like to meet up?

These days I’m just hanging out with friends, and still working for the W&J print center. Got a full time employment now and even went up a few percent in pay last month. All is well, but just wish I could travel more. Well times change so maybe next year.

That eclipse thing in Japan is probably not possible because of my current contract which keeps me stuck here in the print shop at that time. Anyway all is good here, and I certainly hope the same for all of you!! Uploaded some pictures on my FaceBook profile during the last couple of weeks, so you can even see for yourselves…

Love and respect,
Tommy Hermansen