Last Lisbon nite!

So, now this little vacation is sadly over. Spending the last days here just hanging out and rewindinding after the fantastic festival. Actually the music was not quite up to my taste this time round, but I found a really cool chaishop the first day I came there, and ended up spending most evenings at that cafe with the friendly group from Bristol and Wales. The place was called Grub’n’Dub. My thing for sure; Food with smooth Reggae music πŸ™‚

After the last e-mail from Porto I ventured further north to Braga and Guimares. Some really nize towns up towards the Spanish border. Never made it up the Douro before the festival. Maybe next time.

Working again on Monday, so now I just enjoy a quiet nite here before heading home tomorrow, and then spending the weekend with dear friends I haven’t seen for way too long.


Tommy Hermansen