Hello friends!

Unfortunatly, I have decided to postpone the South America trip until I have the nececary funds for such a pricey air fare. High season over there and too much spending on fun here at home, has resulted in a shorter upcoming trip. Too bad.

I’m going to Barcelona to see my good friend Alex over New Years, and then go travelling around in Spain for about four weeks. Thinking of going over to Ibiza for a few days too, to check out the infamous partyscene. Hope to find some nize psy-trance gathering there too, of course.

Leaving home Dec. 27th…


(Oh, and happy x-mas, two months from now)


What’s up?

Hello my friends!

Long time since the last TommyOnTrip posting now. Had enough of Yahoo this time around, so that’s why I’ve been bothering you with these Topica Subscription Invitation and Reminder e-mails the last couple of days. Not all of the 270 or so previous subscribers have accepted yet, so this message only goes out to about 55 travel-happy people.

Since last time I’ve been working most of the time, but made it to Portugal and the Boom festival over the summer – which was just fantastic! Went to Lisbon, Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Serra Estrelas and the festival, Faro, Lagos, Seville (Spain) and then back to Lisbon again. The whole circuit lasted for about four weeks, and was a lovely break away from everything up here at home.

My current work contract ends at the end of this year, and then I’m not quite sure what to do. There are trance festivals in Thailand, Morocco, and Brazil over New Years, and then one in Argentina sometime early next year. I want to go to all of them, but I have to choose only one this time. Wherever I end up going I’m going for a two or three month trip again. Patagonia (Argentina) is really tempting!

Tommy Hermansen



A nice day in Oslo and the weekend is coming up shortly…