Pondering, pondering

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Tue Nov 26, 2002 12:10pm
Subject: Pondering, pondering

Hello all! Just another short one: Barcelona is just fantastic. Staying with good friends and having a fab time at the local bars. Went on a tourist bus last week to see more of it (was a bit steep at 14 euros though), and fell in love with this sweet old city completly. Got the same feeling as when visiting Amsterdam and Edinburgh, relaxed people and the posibility to just wind down. Went to Madrid over the weekend to meet up with Alecz from the Greek trip this summer, she’s working down there on a film project. I hope to see the result of that on the cinemas in 2004!

Another issue, I am debating with myself whether to head down to South Africa for the eclipse or go home to work… It’s very tempting to go! And my cool bosses at Dinamo have even given me the go-ahead.



Escaping winter for a short while

From: Tommy Hermansen
Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 5:11pm
Subject: Escaping winter for a short while

Hello friends! Life in Oslo is good! I’ll soon have a new job in the graphics arts business (IT support work), and we hopefully have some nice parties coming up. Winter has come down on us with a vengeance up here, but there are at least very good posibilities for skiing and similar fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

On Monday I’ll go visit friends in Spain, and I hear it’s about 15-20 degrees down there so that will really be a welcome break from this snow and ice. Going to Barcelona and perhaps Madrid as well. So as always I’d love to hear tips from you nice people out there on stuff I should see and do.

Have a fab weekend!!